Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chopard Watches

There are certain aspects which make the Chopard watches different from others. Among the many high-end watch companies, this is still one company that is run by a family. The company makes its own machines and watches. In fact the entire watch making including the making of all the components are done by the same company. Because of these features watches come out of the company in small trickle and therefore very much priced by the fashion lovers of rare taste and refinement.

The history of Chopard started in 1860 in the tiny village of Sonvilier. There a gifted young creative genius named Louis-Ulysse Chopard started his workshop. The quality of the watches spread the entire Europe and the royalty started lapping up these watches in great numbers. After the initial success the company finally moved to Geneva, the heartland of world watch making. So, the Chopard watches that you adorn yourself with is the illustrious tradition started over one hundred and fifty years ago.
The company’s ownership was changed in 1963 when Karl Scheufele took over the company. Under the new helmsman the company further progressed. Today, Chopard is inventiveness, technology and rare artistry. It is the most talked about jewelry watch among the fashion circles of the world. Because of the great fame of the watch the watches are also having a great many takers who value the design.
The Chopard watches have the design features of elegant jewelry. Since, jewelry is special to women the watches have a unique womanliness about them. They are extremely trendy at the same time the timeless quality of classic artifacts are very visible in them. The collection of watches with superb and scintillating diamonds in sprightly dance in background gold and purest sapphire crystals emanates lyrical mellowness of a life style that is vibrant as well as sprightly. These watches speak volumes of the femme in you. That is why today the Chopard watches also are sold like hot cakes to the women who look for luxury and style. Chopard have not forgotten men altogether. Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Tourismo XL is an amazing watch that tells the world that you are a man. It is 44mm, made of rose gold case, black dial with 46 hours of power reserve. It has a leather strap made of the finest leather and is water resistant at 100 meter.

Chopard Super Ice Cube: The Costliest Watch

Your clothes and what you use part of your personality. That is why long ago Shakespeare made the comment apparel proclaims the man.  The watch also proclaims the man. Cartier is the choice of lovers of social circles; Rolex is the choice of the footballers. However, Chopard is the choice of the fabulously wealthy.
 The Super Ice Cube is generally considered the costliest watch on earth by horologists. Is it good for any one for that price? Elton John found it good. But what does it cost? It could be more that a million dollars. Is it justified; a watch that costs more than a million dollars? Each watch has more than 66 carats of high quality diamonds procured from the best gem dealers and hand set by experts by using magnifying glasses in a case made of white gold. Each piece takes at least two months of meticulous attention and precision labor to complete. The watch even has a diamond on the back. The price is certainly justified for the rare rich.

There are quite a few people who found this watch seductive. Eva Herzigova, the super model and actress wore it at Cannes. David Beckham astounded the Queen when he wore it in his visit to the BuckinghamPalace to be dubbed a knight. Kate Moss, the English super model, Liz Hurley, English super model and the South African actress, Charlize Theron are other proud owners of the precious work of art. The watch is in fact deficient in many of the standard functions that we find in luxury watches. The price and the lure for this watch is an indication that wearing of watch has purposes other that knowing time. A luxury watch is indeed a fashion statement. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is a fashion accessory and it is all about diamonds.

A watch is not merely an instrument to know time. IT certainly speaks volumes about the class to which the user belongs. The lure for the celebrated watches are so strong that many of the companies are able to make a waiting list of customers  looking for years before they get the watch in their hands. This watch belongs to the category where the fabulously rich do not count the cost only think of owning it whatever be the price.


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